Here is an update on how the new book, I Wish You Happiness, is coming along. I’ve been working on the book since December 2019.

Here’s what’s we’ve achieved so far, book-wise:

  • Ann, my illustrator, has completed 11 of the 17 illustrations, and they look so beautifully cute.
  • David, my book designer, has started work on the cover design, and he’s opened my mind to a potential cover I never thought of before.
  • The text is ready for editing.
  • Ann and I have decided to add a protective, embossed matte dust cover to the book so the book will look beautiful outside and in.
  • I’ve found a reputable US-based company that will organize the printing and fulfillment of the book in the United States. The printer counts Random House, Disney, and Scholastic amongst its clients.

Here’s what we’ve achieved so far, marketing-wise, at the time of writing. If this is of no interest to you, please skip. :-)

  • The Kickstarter campaign page is 80% complete.
  • Our page has 236 followers, up from 40, two weeks ago.
  • Our @PiccoPuppy Instagram account now has 316 followers, up from 25, two weeks ago.
  • Our Picco Puppy Newsletter has 1,298 subscribers, up from 292, two weeks ago.
  • The sad news is that our Picco Puppy Pinterest account was suspended for “spam,” supposedly. Pinterest doesn’t talk to you, so I’m still in the dark as to why exactly. It’s strange because I post the same happy quotes and children’s book content on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, without any issues. If you or someone you know works at Pinterest and can help me reactivate my account, please get in touch.
  • I’ve received some lovely compliments on the illustrations so far, which is very encouraging. Please keep them coming, so I know this isn’t a dud I’m creating.

If you run a business, then the marketing stuff might be of interest to you. I’ll share some of my best marketing tips with you in future newsletters. So stay tuned. If I forget, please remind me. :-)

The bottom line is that the book is on track for the Kickstarter campaign in June and delivery to your door in November, in time for Christmas.

I’ll share another update soon. Thanks for your time.