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Kickstarter Campaign Launches In Two Weeks!

G'day from Sydney, Australia! I hope you're well. 🤗 There's less than TWO WEEKS to go until we launch the Kickstarter campaign for my new I Wish You Happiness hardcover on June 2. At the date and times listed below, Early VIP Access subscribers will receive the link to the [...]

May 20, 2020|

What Ann Drew Blew My Mind

You know the saying, "Behind every successful man is a woman rolling her eyes." Haha! :-) Well, I am happy to give full credit to my wife, Amy. She was the one who convinced me that Ann Baratashvili should be the illustrator for my new I Wish You Happiness book. [...]

May 5, 2020|

A Brief Book Update

Here is an update on how the new book, I Wish You Happiness, is coming along. I've been working on the book since December 2019. Here's what's we've achieved so far, book-wise: Ann, my illustrator, has completed 11 of the 17 illustrations, and they look so beautifully cute. David, my [...]

April 23, 2020|

Dreams: From Sketch to Finished Illustration

I find it fascinating watching the progress of an illustration go from concept to finished drawing. It's a bit like watching the before and after results on a home renovation TV show. The series of three images above show the Dreams illustration from concept sketch to finished drawing: After the [...]

April 20, 2020|

So excited we have a book designer! :-)

I'm excited to announce that the experienced book designer and author/illustrator, David Miles, has agreed to be the book designer for the I Wish You Happiness hardcover. Yay! :-) His credentials are impressive: Designer of over 300 books. Award-winning author and/or illustrator of over 40 titles. Former creative/publishing director for [...]

April 17, 2020|