I am proud to announce the fifth book in the Picco Puppy picture book series, “Picco Puppy Says Yes.” It is a fun, easy-to-read, rhyming story with cute, colorful cartoon illustrations for young children, ages three-plus.

Picco Puppy always tidied up his toys when Mommy and Daddy asked him to. But one day, Mommy and Daddy asked Picco to tidy up his toys, and he said no! Find out how Mommy and Daddy used fourteen simple words that got Picco to say yes again.

If this sounds like a familiar story, read Picco Puppy Says Yes to your child, and it could produce some surprising results.

The story was inspired by actual events with my “mostly” well-behaved kids. :-)

The Picco Puppy Says Yes ebook, coloring book, audiobook, and read aloud video, are available as part of the Picco Puppy Starter Library for only 99¢.

Picco Puppy Says Yes is also available on Amazon.com.