Personalized, Award-Winning Picture Books—Only $11.99

Give an I Wish You Happiness personalized edition to a special child in your life. Watch their face light up when they see their name on the cover and sprinkled throughout the book. The most beautiful sound a child hears is their name. Give them a beautiful book they’re guaranteed to love and cherish.

Choose from 175 popular names for only US$11.99. Click on a name link below and you’ll be redirected to the listing at your local Amazon (USA, Canada, UK/Ireland, Australia/New Zealand, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Mexico, and UAE). Or, Search Amazon for a specific title: I Wish You Happiness ‘name’

If a name isn’t available, we recommend the beautiful 10×10 inch, premium quality hardcover edition, with a spot gloss dust jacket, and Smyth Sewn (thread) binding.

Described and Captioned Video for Blind Children

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