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"Never Give Up On Your Dreams" Paperback

"Never Give Up On Your Dreams" Paperback

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The hardcover won't be available until spring 2024. The paperback is available now on Amazon. For more info, click here.

Book 5 of 5: The Unconditional Love Series

Empower your child with grit, resilience, and perseverance in this beautiful and inspiring picture book. Show them they have the strength and courage within to achieve all their dreams.

Inspire your child with the incredible stories of five famous people who overcame incredible odds to achieve their dreams.

Your child will have fun with our trademark "Can You Spot the Famous People?" and "Can You Spot the Dogs" activities.

The gorgeous, whimsical illustrations embrace diversity and inclusion to help build a better world for our children.

This beautifully illustrated picture book is a wonderful gift, whatever the occasion: birthday, graduation, adoption, or just to say, "I love you."

Never Give Up On Your Dreams is a must-have for your home or school social-emotional library.

Join thousands of teachers, grandparents, and parents, and discover why so many love and recommend Michael Wong’s "Unconditional Love Series" of empowering children's picture books.



"A masterful work that belongs on every child's bookshelf." - Richard R., USA (5-Star review)

"I genuinely loved it." - Despina M., USA (5-Star review)

"Will be recommending this book!!" - Diana W., USA (5-Star review)

"This is such an adorable and inspirational book for kids." - Carli V., USA (5-Star review)

"Another great book in a phenomenal series" - KatPet, USA (5-Star review)



  • Released:‎ October 2, 2023
  • Hardcover: ‎31 pages
  • Reading age: ‎3 - 8 years
  • Grade level: Preschool - 3
  • Size: ‎10 x 10 inches / 25 x 25 cm
  • Weight: ‎0.94 pounds / 0.535 kg
  • ISBN-13: 978-1761337918

About the Author

Michael Wong is the award-winning author of beautiful, empowering picture books for kids 0 to 8+. Michael lives with his wife and two boys in Sydney, Australia.

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