About Picco Puppy

Michael Wong (@MichaelWongAuthor) is a passionate children’s book author of six Picco Puppy books and a new one scheduled for release on November 20, 2020.

Michael ran a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for his latest book, I Wish You Happiness, in June 2020. A total of 187 generous backers pledged AU$8,739 for 400 copies of the beautiful hardcover.

I Wish You Happiness empowers children to be the best they can be. It is a beautiful and inclusive book of empowering wishes and beautifully enchanting illustrations by a prize-winning artist.

The book is scheduled for release on Amazon.com and Amazon.com.au on November 20, 2020 (World Children’s Day). You can pre-order a copy on Indiegogo.

Previously, Michael wrote the critically acclaimed Picco Puppy children’s picture book series. Bedtime for Picco Puppy, the first book in the series, reached number one on the Amazon.com Children’s eBooks Best Sellers chart, on August 24, 2019. Six Picco Puppy books have been published so far.

Life Before Becoming A Children’s Book Author

Before Michael became a children’s book author, he founded eBoz.com in 1998. The website quickly grew into a popular webmaster destination. It was acquired by a SoftBank portfolio start-up, iBoost Technology, Inc., in May 2000. Michael joined iBoost as its Editor-in-Chief in its Los Angeles office.

Mike wrote one of the earliest books on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2002. It sold over 3,000 copies, and helped attract numerous clients for his SEO services.

In 2003, Michael tooks his SEO skills and created Mike’s Marketing Tools, a popular website for internet marketers. He also created AdWords Wrapper, the original free Google AdWords keyword tool, used and loved by thousands of AdWords advertisers.

For the next ten years, Michael became an affiliate marketer and delivered millions of dollars in revenue to dozens of popular brands.

More recently, Mike wrote Giigs.us, a website offering 58 ways and 511 verified genuine companies to help Americans make money, save money, and get free stuff, online from home and around town, in 2020.

A Chinese-English-Aussie

Originally from England, Michael went to Rainham Mark Grammar School in Rainham, Kent. It’s the same school that Phil Gallagher from the popular children’s TV show Mister Maker went to. 😃

Michael now lives with his wonderful wife and two beautiful boys in Sydney, Australia. He enjoys writing children’s books, taking care of his boys, working out, yoga, and spending quality time with family and friends.

If you’d like to get in touch with Michael, please email him. He’d love to hear from you.

Where To Read Michael’s Books

Get a taste of the beautiful illustrations in I Wish You Happiness, Michael’s new beautifully illustrated empowering children’s book. The book will be released on November 20, 2020.

Michael’s first six Picco Puppy books are available as paperbacks and ebooks on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.com.au, Amazon.in, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es, Amazon.it, Amazon.nl, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.com.br, and Amazon.com.mx.

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If you’re a book reviewer/blogger, social media influencer*, read-aloud YouTuber*, or freelance writer that writes about children’s books for popular websites/publications, and would like a complimentary review copy of Michael’s new book, I Wish You Happiness, please get in touch. Conditions apply. *Influencers must have a sizeable engaged following beyond family and friends. *YouTubers must have posted regular videos recently.

Affiliates Wanted

Michael is looking for people to help get the word out on his Picco Puppy books. Earn commissions when you refer customers to I Wish You Happiness.


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