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Picco Puppy Hardcovers

  • Apr, 2024: April J., Blue Springs, Missouri, USA.
  • Mar, 2024: Jesica N., Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
  • Feb, 2024: Jon D., Umina Beach, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Jan, 2024: Laurel B., Arnold, Maryland, USA.
  • Dec, 2023: Tu P., Haughton, Louisiana, USA.
  • Nov, 2023: Lynn C., Manor, Texas, USA.
  • Oct, 2023: Gia W., Trenton, New Jersey, USA.
  • Sep, 2023: Demetria W., Columbus, Mississippi, USA.
  • Aug, 2023: Robin G., Clovis, New Mexico, USA.
  • Jul, 2023: Bidisha B., Liancourt, France.
  • Jun, 2023: David L., Westwood, New Jersey, USA.
  • May, 2023: Megan R., Lititz, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Apr, 2023: Kathryn S., Herndon, Virginia, USA.
  • Mar, 2023: Jennifer M., Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
  • Feb, 2023: Abryl A., Sherwood, Oregon, USA.
  • Feb, 2023: Corinne H., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Jan, 2023: Katie H., Wichita Falls, Texas, USA.
  • Dec, 2022: Isis S., Arcata, California, USA.
  • Nov, 2022: Sam D., Kelso, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Oct, 2022: Sandy R., Lutz, Florida, USA.
  • Sep, 2022: Priscilla H., Lafayette, Louisiana, USA.
  • Aug, 2022: Jane J., Carolina Shores, North Carolina, USA.
  • Jul, 2022: Melinda H., Oxford, Iowa, USA.
  • Jun, 2022: Brenda F., Crandon, Wisconsin, USA.
  • May, 2022: Nanci M., Santee, California, USA.
  • Apr, 2022: Shana B., Fairmont, West Virginia, USA.
  • Mar, 2022: Jillian D., Bloomington, Illinois USA.
Books By Indie Authors
  • May, 2024: Signed Uh-Oh My Dragon's Hungry! & The Trouble with Children: Ayleyaell K., Vancouver, Washington, USA.
  • Feb, 2024: Mighty Mila: Dream Job: Brandi C., Etters, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Feb, 2024: Giver of Gifts: Nature’s Story of Hope: Bianca B., Kearns, Utah, USA.
  • Feb, 2023: Zac’s Mighty Wheels: Roxann B., York, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Jan, 2023: The Windcatcher: Tess O., Bonner, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
  • Jan, 2023: A Day In The Clouds: Mit D., Federal Way, Washington, USA.
  • Jan, 2023: Baby Worries: Nayeli C., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.
  • Jan, 2023: A Dog At The Zoo?: Samuel G., Norfolk, Virginia, USA.
  • Sep, 2022: Monsters Can’t Be Teddy Bears: Jill F., Nashville, Idaho, USA.
  • Sep, 2022: Sydney the Sloth: Jon D., Umina Beach, NSW, Australia.
  • May, 2022: Steam Quest, Enzo C., Westbury, New York, USA.
  • Jan, 2022: Quick Affirmations for Busy Women: Alisha M., East Dubuque, Illinois, USA.
  • Dec, 2021: Into Justin’s World: Brandi C., Etters, Pennsylvania, USA.