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How much is US shipping?
FREE shipping to domestic US addresses, including the armed forces, US territories, etc., from our book distributor in Nashville, Tennessee. Orders are processed within 1-2 business days, and typically arrive within 3-8 business days. Express shipping is available for an extra fee.

For US and Canada orders, you’ll receive a standard (not signed) hardcover. Order signed copies at our Etsy store.

How much is Express shipping?
Express shipping is available for a few extra dollars in the United States and Australia.
Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii or the Armed Forces?
For Alaska and Hawaii, please order on They provide the quickest and cheapest shipping.
How much is Canada shipping?
I highly recommend you buy on They provide the quickest and cheapest shipping.

How much is Australia shipping?
Australian shipping prices vary depending on the number of copies you order. Your order is processed within one business day, and typically arrive within 3-8 business days. Express shipping (1-4 business days) is available for an extra fee. Visit the Australia Post website for the latest Express delivery times.
I’ll personally deliver your book/s to you if you live in the following New South Wales areas: Chatswood, Chatswood West, East Gordon, East Killara, East Lindfield, Gordon, Killara, Lindfield, Pymble, Roseville & West Pymble (when the current lockdown ends).
Do you ship outside of the US and Australia?
Yes! We ship signed copies to the following countries from Australia. Standard international shipping, in business days, are for major metro areas. Allow longer for other areas.

Here are the shipping prices for one copy. For two or more copies, please contact us with the number of copies you’d like and shipping address for a quote. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Austria: AU$43 / ~€27 (10-15 business days)
Belgium: AU$43 / ~€27 (15-20)
Canada: AU$37 / ~CA$34 (15-25)
Denmark: AU$43 / ~€27 (15-20)
Finland: AU$43 / ~€27 (10-15)
France: AU$43 / ~€27 (10-15)
Germany: AU$43 / ~€27 (10-15)
Hong Kong: AU$35 / ~HK$205 (10-15)
Iceland: AU$43 / ~€27 (10-15)
Ireland: AU$43 / ~€27 (10-15)
Italy: AU$43 / ~€27 (10-15)
Japan: AU$35 / ~¥2,925 (10-15)
Luxembourg: AU$52 / ~€33 (9-25)
Macau: AU$35 / ~MOP$210 (12-18)
Netherlands: AU$43 / ~€27 (15-20)
New Zealand: AU$25 / ~NZ$37 (7-12)
Norway: AU$43 / ~€27 (15-20)
Singapore: AU$35 / ~SG$35 (5-10)
South Korea: AU$35 / ~₩29,800 (10-15)
Spain: AU$43 / ~€27 (10-15)
Sweden: AU$43 / ~€27 (15-20)
Switzerland: AU$43 / ~€27 (10-15)
Taiwan: AU$35 / ~NT$735 (10-15)
UK: AU$43 / ~£19 (10-15)
USA: AU$37 / ~US$20 (10-15)

How do I track delivery?
For standard shipments from Canada and the United States, you’ll receive a US Post Office tracking number by email when your order is processed. For Australia and other countries, you’ll receive an Australia Post tracking number.

Mobile Updates: Enter your mobile number on the checkout thank you page to receive delivery updates.
Can I have three copies shipped to different addresses?
Yes! Contact us to discuss your needs.
Can I buy a signed copy of the book?
Yes! All copies shipped from Australia are signed by the author. If you don’t want your copy signed, please let us know by adding a note to your order.
Can I include a message with my order?
Yes! I’d be happy to include a brief message for books shipped from Australia, for free.
Can I offer gift wrapping?
We don’t at this time. But, with Australian shipments, your books are carefully wrapped in soft pink or baby blue tissue paper, and placed into a nice plain white box. The empty spaces are filled with thin strips of white shredded paper. The box is taped securely to ensure the books arrive in perfect condition. We haven’t had a single issue so far. The packaging is almost as nice as a nicely wrapped gift.
Where is the coupon entry box on the checkout page?
On mobile devices, tap the “Show order summary + Enter coupon” link at the top of the checkout page to reveal the “Enter coupon code” box.
I have a question. How do I contact you?
Get in touch via the online form further down this page, or email us at I’d love to hear from you.


The returns info below is for the I Wish You Happiness book. For all other Picco Puppy books sold on Amazon, please refer to their Returns & Refunds page for more info.

The I Wish You Happiness book comes with a ONE YEAR HAPPINESS guarantee.


Your purchase is 100% risk free.
Purchase the I Wish You Happiness Deluxe Edition Hardcover on this website.
And, if you’re not happy with the book, send it back within 12 months for a full refund. We’ll even pay for shipping.
If your books were damaged during shipping, please contact us right away. We’ll gladly replace the damaged copies.
If you’re not satisfied with the I Wish You Happiness book, please give it time. We think the book will grow on you.
Alternatively, please consider donating the books to your local public library, school library, daycare, or hospital. We’re confident local children would enjoy the books very much.
If you’re sure you want to return the books for a refund, please contact us. You’ll receive a printable shipping label by email to post the books back to us (we pay for shipping). You may request a full refund up to 12 months after your purchase.


Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. Email us at or via the form below.

You’ll receive a prompt reply between 7 AM and 9 PM (Sydney time), even on weekends. The current time in Sydney, Australia, is:

If you purchased one of my books on any of the Amazon websites, please contact them for customer support. Unfortunately, we’re unable to help with Amazon orders.

Visit the, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, or Amazon Australia Help page (or your local Amazon’s Help page). US customers can call them on 1-206-922-0880.

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